Color mismatched Videopreview with recordmydesktop-files under Ubuntu lucid


i have upgradet from Ubuntu karmic to Lucid. With karmic i started a screencast by recording my Desktop with recordmydesktop an made some videos. After upgrading to lucid, i made new screencasts with recordmydesktop, but these new files where colormismatched shown in kdenlive. Even ffplay and melt could not show this Videos correct. Other Videoplayers, as dragonplayer or vlc, shows the ogv-files from recordmydesktop correct (sample screenshot with dragnoplayer and ffplay: related bugreport at launchpad:, samplevideo made with recordmydesktop from lucid:

After compiling the newest Version of ffmpeg, ffplay shows the videos correct, but melt do not :-( .

I have to compile ffmepg without the flags mentioned here: . If i compile with theses flags, i could not install ffmpeg because it would overwrite some other package related files.

In this situation, where all players work fine but melt do not, and kdenlive even shows colormismatched videos, i think that kdenlive uses melt for the preview...

Do i have to compile melt too for playing this videos correct? Althogh compiling ffmpeg allready fails with the recommanded flags?

Any other ideas?


PS: Bugreport to melt:

I am commenting on the bug report instead of here.

Thanks for your reply.

After i compiled ffmpeg completly new and installed all new files it runs as it should :-) Compiling melt is not neccesary.

Files created (automatically) and installed:

Link to helpful Wiki: (German only)
Link to patch: