color is wrong in the clip viewer and render

hello. I have a poblem not know where to categorize them. the problem of the color eque video clip is incorrect in the clip viewer as to render the video, you can see the image.

I use the graphics driver nouveau and sabayon linux distro . you have if you can give me a help before creating a bug. thanks waiting for answers.


What version of kdenlive and MLT are you using? If you play your videos with ffplay do they look wrong colors?

I experienced the same problem. My setup: i3 box,ubuntu 10.04,nvidia Ge-Force 8400GS,kdenlive

The problem vanished when I switched the nvidia driver from ver 173 to current(195).

To austin: If the card you are using is NVIDIA and the answer to yellow's second question is

"yes",then try latest nvidia drivers.

my version of Kdenlive is and 0.7.6 mlt. but I use nouveau driver free. it curious that in another computer with the same driver nouveau. in gentoo linux and the same version of Kdenlive does not fail.

Do your clips play correctly with ffplay, do they play correctly in mplayer or xine etc?


I've the same behavior. I'm using Sabayon 7, with mlt 0.7.6.
When i insert a new clip, colors are wrong.
It plays very weel on any other player like vlc, mplayer, ffmpeg player.

I've switch on kubuntu 11.10 and the problem has gone, but mlt is in version 0.7.4.

I've tried to compile mlt version 0.7.7 from GIT on sabayon and nothing happened, colors are always wrong.

My guess are :

- mlt framework has a bug
- something linked with mlt has a bug ... but what ?


This issue was probably solved in MLT on the 5th of february 2012 (incompatibility with libav 0.8).
See MLT bug: