Colour correction effects don't work after update ...

Hello everybody.

Right now the openSuse updater did propose an update that I seem not to have thought about enough beforehand. Now I turned up to have changed to something that looks like kdenlive 0.8-2.3 x84_46 together with MLT 0.7.4 Frei0r 1.3-1.pm3.1 and ffmpeg 0.8.2
Since then, all effects concerning colour correction don't work any longer. Moreover any field to manipulate/handle the effect is gone. Most of them just stopped working. Until now, I never had similar problems after updating. After all, I shan't bother you at all, if this problem didn't occur at a very bad time for me as I am just finishing a video for a friend's professional site ... So am I supposed to step down to an older version? Should I wait for 0.8.2 to be out? Or, may it just be wiser to avoid packages at all?

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If you run 'LC_NUMERIC=C kdenlive' in a terminal window as does it work correctly?

I have the same problem on archlinux and your tip work very well.

Thanks !

Thanks for your quick answer. As far as I can see at a first glance running 'LC_NUMERIC=C kdenlive' does at least partially work. So, setting brightness seems to work again, as well as curves, beziers etc, seem to. Anyway, gamma does not work at all as there is no field to adjust it. The same when I try to adjust the brightness using keyframes. Meanwhile I discovered that adjustment fields are missing with most effects, gamma as mentioned above, R, G, B, Sepia and others. There won't appear any field/window at all to change/adjust the settings and to influence the behavior of the effect. Another thing I have to add is that any wipe effect (balayage in French) is missing. I don't know if this is an frei0r issue or not. So far as I can see, there seems to be at least some incoherence between mlt and frei0r. So I do get an error message concerning frei0r/mlt when I am trying to open an old project... or it doesn't open at all.

Just an annotation besides, since the update I have been referring to, when I start the configuration assistant, the system verification window keeps telling me ffmpeg && ffplay was missing, whereas MLT window does still recognize ffmpeg installed. Though this doesn't really matter as I don't use any webcam for input, I'd like to know if this has anything to do with my original question, the more as I don't understand this particular behavior of kdenlive configuration assistent.

I shall keep you informed about my experience with your suggestion to solve my problem. Thanks a lot again.


I think the problem is that you are using MLT v0.7.4 instead of v0.7.2. v0.7.4 was made for the next release of kdenlive 0.8.2, but you are using 0.8.

It seems that you might be right. I think that I shall in deed downgrade to MLT 7.2 ...
Thank you very much for your help ...

Many cheers from France