Comedy show edited with Kdenlive

I just finished a sketch comedy show I put together with my friends in my spare time. I used Kdenlive for editing duties. You can check it out at

. I used lots of kdenlive effects for the intro sequence, including speed, gamma, etc.

Thanks to the authors for putting together such a great multimedia app for Linux! When it gets to rock solid stability, with the features it has now, I have a feeling it will tempt many a windows user to switch...



Very good, I enjoyed watching it a lot!

I liked the use of music, and the graphical ident throughout the show worked well.

I thought that the sketches were mostly hits with only a few misses - I thought a few of them we're a little long winded.

Sound quality was generally good as well, which is what normally gets forgotten on these kind of things.

Thanks for the feedback!! Sound was a Rode VideoMic, I highly recommend it.