Composite mask across multilple video channels

New to KDL I am just experimenting with my first project.

I have am trying to put some videos I created into a composite TV screen mask. You know the type I mean. I created a wipe file etc etc.. and the video looks like it is playing in TV.

This works fine for one video. SO if you have this..

Video 1 (standard footage)

Video 2 (Image of the Television)

However in my case I want the trasistion mask to effect all videos above it.

So if I do this.

Video 1 (standard footage) (yet more video here)
Video 2 (more standard footage that fades in just as Video 1 fades out)

Video 3 (----------------------------------Image of the Television----------------------------------------)

(note. videos 1 and 2 are spread across the timeline, not all paying at same time that might be indicated by my text above)

I want both Video 1 and Video 2 to be affected in the composite TV mask.

When I tried this last night, only Video 2 appeared in the mask. When Video 1 was playing it did not have the mask. It just ran full screen.

How do I do this?

Have you played with the "With Track" option on the Transitions tab ?
It will say "Auto" by default. But you can explicitly tell it which track you are composting with.

You might also try the idea described here
where you could composite all the tracks against an empty video track - weird idea but it did help in the "How to fade in more than one title sequentially" problem described on that page. And that problem could be similar to yours.