composite to several tracks? to trasparent picture over two or more video tracks

I am trying to have a logo translucent png file, to show over several track of video, but it seem composite only effect on one track.

the two video tracks are in sync, they were shooted using two cameras, and an additional audio track recoded with an audio recorder Edirol.

Transparent png graphic is at track 0, In a given moment I need to go back and fort, track 1 and track 2, (like switching among cameras).

the graphic only transparents over only one track, not the other.

what other way may I have a floating logo over the entire project, and still switch video tracks.


I have included screenshots of the situation.

Chop the png graphic into 3 pieces and put each piece above each of the three sections of video (with composite transitions).


Good idea waynevid

is there a way to copy the composite settings of one track to apply them to another different track? (the positioning of the logo is tricky)

A recent production required over 30 edits to the ovelay logo.
This is getting complex to do.

It would be nice a track just to overlay graphics on top all the rest.

save the video by itself as a kdenlive project

then import that kdenlive project file as a clip (kdenlive project files can be imported like clips).

chop that clip up.

Another thing you could do is make a blank title page, and insert that into the empty spots on track 1.