Composite transition - opacity

Hi folks,

I am trying to create a text effect with flipping letters like in the beginning of that

Thanks to sunab I now know how to create this with kdenlive (

I now have a lot (~40) of video tracks (for each flipping letter one track) with transition composite (alpha channel = over) and
it seems to work.

But: As more tracks I use the first created letters in the rendered video get darker and darker until they are completely hidden. So it seems
for me that the composite transition does not use 100% opacity (even if this is of course selected).

Or do I miss some settings?

My kdenlive project file:
The rendered video with the hiding letters:
My kdenlive version: Version 0.9.3 (rev. 4d988e5) - Built from the git-sources at June 30th with the built-script from the mlt framework site.
OS: Mint 13, x86_64 GNU/Linux

So any help is welcome.

Cheers + thanks,


P.S.: Not all coordinates of my letters are currently 100% correct (nor is the project completely finished) - but first I need to overcome that hiding effect ,-)