Constantly crashing on 1GB VOB

I have created a simple project. Loaded 1GB VOB movie chunk from DVD (MPEG PS, record from hardware DVD recorder, TV footage).
Put it on timeline - still OK.
When I start clicking on timeline > ca 3 min, picture in Timeline Monitor gets narrow, it is not refreshed with the current frame, and with each click it gets more and more narrower (more black) and then Kdenlive usually crash soon, especially when click on "play".

Playback is BTW quite choppy, audio is hardly listenable after the first minute.
Smaller chunks from the same movie, same parts from the first 10 minutes, are OK, when cutted by Avidemux. So the problem is not in corrupted video but really rather in the large file size or movie length.
Video output driver: auto and X11.
Video seems to be OK, mplayer is fine, Avidemux loads it fine.
Anyone experience such problem with large files?

I will have to compile Kdenlive with debugging enabled, KDE Krash tool is reporting that my debug output is unusable, hmm


After building KDEnlive with debug symbols, try running it from gdb and get the backtraces of all threads using "thread apply all bt" - like I've done here:


KDE crash handler only extracts backtrace from one thread, AFAIK.

I passed whole 1 GB VOB through Avidemux, audio/video copy/copy operation, to Mpeg PS VOB.
And surprisingly, it is OK now! So the problem is really in the video file not in the length or size.
I thing that Avidemux is based on Ffmpeg as Kdenlive, aren't they?

Original file   : 1 066 637 312 B
Avidemuxed file : 1 073 676 288 B

So the suggested workaround now is to pass such crashing video through Avidemux and then add it to Kdenlive project.

BTW is Kdenlive supposed to work well with MPEG2-TS sources?

I can add debug support to kdenlive_builder script.