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Debian Instructions on website need upate

I noticed that the http://kdenlive.org/download-debian page says to use an outdated link for installing kdenlive.
According to http://deb-multimedia.org, the sources.list references have changed:
10/05/2012 :
New domain name deb-multimedia.org
You must edit your /etc/apt/sources.list to replaces the old repository name by the new one.

Could someone with editing permissions update this?

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Import Canon FS series camcorder MOD to FCP/FCE/iMovie/Avid

Import Canon FS series camcorder MOD to FCP/FCE/iMovie/Avid

Summary: In this article I will share best way to convert Canon FS series MOD to FCP, FCP X, FCE compatible format with Pavtube Canon MOD to FCP Converter for Mac.

"I've been given lots of MOD (and MOI) files to edit. I realise I need to convert these files before I can import them into FCP. The question is what compression should I use? h.264, Apple DV PAL, the list is endless. The end result will be exported for the web. If it helps, the footage was recorded on a Canon FS-200."

How to convert avi to FCE and import avi into FCE?

Edit Avi with Final Cut Express - How to convert avi to FCE and import avi into FCE?

Import avi into Final Cut Express for editing is not as easy as you say, when you run the Final Cut Express, and ready to import avi files into FCE, you will find it is impossible to do it. FCE doesn't compatible with avi files, how to import avi into FCE?

Avi to FCE Converter is the best assistant for you to convert avi to Final Cut Express, and import avi into FCE for editing. With the help of Avi to FCE Converter, convert avi file to FCE on Mac OS can be very fast and the output audio-visual quality can be very high. Import avi into FCE and edit .avi footage with FCE will be very easy.

Please take a look at the new Kdenlive manual ! В том числе и на Русском языке.

http://userbase.kde.org/Kdenlive/Manual Please take a look at the new Kdenlive manual!

Доступно новое руководство пользователя (в т.ч. и на русском языке)

video terminology and relationships between keywords when recording to a card and editing with KDEnlive

Hi, I have done a weeks cramming and read all relevant parts of "the film makers handbook" and a ton of wikipedia stuff. I am working on a mini manual which explains:

the history of some of the technical settings you are offered, such as frames per second,
the meaning of words such as "video format" and "file format", "wrapper" and "codec" (and standards such as mpeg-4)

I will also make a "free software workflow" using kdenlive as my NLE, this will begin with suggesting things like libreoffice and celtix for pre-production and end with creative commons licences and "made with freesoftware" stamps in the distribution section.


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