Conversion of Cinelerra XML files to Kdenlive XML

Is there any Chance of importing an cinelerra XMl files to Kdenlive? I have done bunch of editing with cinelerra and have used it to so far because of fast pace editing workflow of cinelerra and its windows not bound to one app (so that i can use dual monitor). But i still miss some features where kdenlive is better than cinelerra. Finishing end and compositing is quickly developing in kdenlive, so i was wondering is there any possibility of converting cinelerra editing files to kdenlive editing files.

Or it would be also great if Kdenlive would somehow import EDL files, so that i could get projects from AVID, Cinelerra or Sony Vegas. Actually i did submit to mantis, but no response till now. I don't think it would take much time to implement this feature as both cinelerra and kdenlive is the same XML format.


(Editor, Cinematographer)