Convert Panorama in video


I want to do a video with a panorama like this
In the video, the image would scroll from left to right.

Do you think is it possible to add this feature?


 Yes, but it would make your viewers vomit from vertigo, so I decided not to give it to you.


Well, I did not think about the vertigo issue... instead I created a small video tutorial to show how to create such an effect, but it requires Kdenlive from latest svn or version 0.7.3 which will be released tomorrow.

So if you are not afraid:

Thanks a lot for your tutorial.

I will try when the new version will be available for Ubuntu.


I tried to follow the video tutorial, but whenever I set the resize property into "Composite" transiction, kdenlive crashes abruptly.

I'm using fully update Ubuntu Jaunty Jackalope RC1 with kdenlive 0.7.3.

I have received a check alert from kdenlive, signaling that my version of mlt is older than expected. Could this be the root cause of the bug?

i think who has created that deb packager has not much experience... on my computer it doesn't start....

i am on kubuntu 9.04 compiled with my hand kdenlive is rocking here .