Converting from NTSC to PAL

Hi guys, it is the first time that I use this software and I have 2 files, one movie NTSC (m2v) and one audio (ac3). I put them into the timeline and I wish to export that project in PAL 4:3.
The question is: is it better to convert that project from NTSC to PAL and then exporting or I can do the conversion during the exporting phase?.
I have seen there are some possibility to export in PAL and also converting the project, but I want to be sure
Thank for your suggestions

I convert from PAL to NTSC. I create a project with Dv/DVD Widescreen NTSC as the option and then put my PAL footage on the time line. When kdenlive complains the project profile does not match the footage I tell it to bugger off (translation I cancel Kdenlives desire to update my project profile). I then render to a NTSC DVD format from the DVD group of render profiles.

Edit: I don't however actually edit PAL footage in NTSC project. When I did this I found it behaved very strangely.

Rather I edit my PAL footage in a PAL project and render that complete project to a lossless format (RAW DV). And then it is that PAL footage I put into a NTSC project for a final render to NTSC DVD format.

You could try similar but with a reverse logic and choose the non-widescreen options.


Thank you ttguy, I have had the same idea, but maybe it better to convert all in one big AVI file and then I can manipulate with others editor. The only thing I don't know is if it is possible to convert in AVI...

You should be able to edit your NTSC footage into one big NTSC .avi file and then load that file into a PAL project. Tell it to ignore the fact that the file and project do not match and then render to a PAL format file.