Cool Forum - easy install

I just saw that KDEnlive is now in Packman's repo for SuSE - I fired it up after installing with YaST into my HP dv6325us 64-bit Turionx2 SuSE 10.2 laptop and it seems to be OK. Easy-peasy install ;)

I haven't tried editing anything yet. This looks like a great contribution to the video editing scene for *nix, especially since it imports/exports so many different formats! Good Work! :mrgreen:

PS: Very cool forum, BTW - nice to be among the first posters :geek:

Easy install for sure. I saw that Mandriva 2008.1 has KDNlive in the PLF repo. I also saw that the devs here wanted feed back on KDNlive from the PLF in 2008.1. I can confirm that it works fine barring one thing. My lack of knowlege of the application and thus my membership here. I also saw that you wanted the info entered into the mailing list. I saw only a mailing list for developers. I know the mantra that every user is a developer (ala ESR) but that is not me today as I write this post.

The application works fine provided I can figure out how to edit the .MOV files that come from the camera that I am using. But enough of that as it has nothing to do with the binary package that installed perfectly. Oh and as for the web site it seems to be running on java. Good thing I just installed it as I am on dial up.



On openSuSe 11.1 KDE4 from packman repos (Ithink), it works just wonderfull (Kdenlive v7.1