Copy and Paste (or Export and Import) between Projects

Having worked on a dozen small Kdenlive projects so far, I'm (still) having some issues, so I'm asking here for help. Maybe one or another issue may actually be a bug, but before filing bug issues, I want to make sure that the problem is not me in fact. For your information: I'm using the most recent kdenlive compilations from sunab's bleeding repository on a Kubuntu 12.04 installation.

Now for my problem: I've come across some small parts in my projects that I want to reuse from time to time. My situation here is that while I want to reuse parts, I usually need to make small adjustments and changes, so including such parts as a subproject won't cut the mustard for me. I'm not talking about single title screens or something similar, but a pile of clips with transitions and compositions.

Is there any way to either copy and paste or export and import only parts of one project into another project? I tried to copy and paste (single element from the timeline as well as a group) but didn't succeed. For import and export I didn't find such a thing in the menus. And editing the project XML files is beyond me.

As I already said: including another project in form of a clip doesn't help me for several reasons, one being that I need to tweak the reused project part to fit with my current project.

Any help greatly welcomed. And many thanks for the great work of Kdenlive!
-- TheDiveO