copy value:color,light,bilance from clip A to clip B?

i want to ask you particolar:
my clip video is A, the value colors, bilance white, brightlight are perfect..
other my clip video are bad colors, bilance white, brightlight.. i think there is an automatic copy vaule (colors,bliance,ect) and paste in other clip video bad ? it's possible?
this title topic is not sure, because i dont know what is right a phrase for title topic, all you can change the title topic correct ok?

i'm hard to explain you, but i try...
i look for an example site similar technical or effect automatic ok?

i found an example site:

that is automatic correct parameter from clip video A to clip video B (will fix correct color to clip video B) do you undy?
thank you

Hi tunjin,

The video does not load here. But generally color correction is done manually anyway (see my blog entries on the color scopes). These tools are available in kdenlive.


hi granjow

i know that can correction color with manually, i'm doing it but it's not easy because need long time for test from my clip video A to B, i did it 3 hours but not perfect same color and bilance's hard for job....

so i wanted ask you for fast time for color correction like snap parameter from A to B, it's 1 or 2 second results same color and bilance white...

yes link not work for see a video example..i did send to eyeon for problem link missing file video example.. i'm remember that video example correction color automatic , i did see that video example since 7 years old, now i remember!!!!my head is good!!!smile

then i ask you, can copy parameter from A and paste parameter in B? or something other solution "snap" parameter from A to B or use with drag and drop...?

thank you!

So you just want to have the same properties for both clips? Then you could go to the Effect Stack widget and select «Save As» and afterwards apply it to all other videos.

Perhaps you want to use some kind of test chart next time for easier color correction ;)


i did to see stack effect but is empty so i cant save as...
maybe you think that my clip video A have add an effect? not not, i wanted to say that my clip video A is not changed color yet, i mean my clip video is original and my clip video B is bad color, so i wanted that copy color from clip A to B.. do y undy?
thank you

Well, then it is not that easy. Or, in other words, not possible in kdenlive. You would have to guess the correct white point (which is not trivial, see all cameras which do it the wrong way), the brightness in the video, etc. The results would hardly always be good anyway, I guess.

So you really have to do it manually. But that's not so bad, you'll get some practise and experience in (manual) color correction.

And if you've got multiple clips with wrong colors etc, but all from the same shot and with equal camera settings, then you can re-use the effect after saving it.


i'm back.
i wanted to show you example picture from apple:

or go to see a video example:

i wish this feature on kdenlive.. but it's not hard to create code for new feature.. but this my think opinion

are y interesting this match color intelligent?