corrupted first frame of rendered mpeg

The first frame of rendered (DVD, PAL) mpeg2 or VOB seems to be of very low quality or even corrupted.

See this screenshot of the very first frame of the RENDERED clip: ... _frame.png

After 1 or 2 frames tins get to normal, see the 4th frame: ... rame_4.png

Here is, for comparison 1st frame of the ORIGINAL clip: ... rig_ok.png

When I play rendered movie in Xine or Kaffeine, the first few frames are corrupted (large green areas) when clip is started, but the picture is quickly "repaired" and the rest of the video clip is OK.
Mplayer however shows no corruption at all.

Is this normal?
Could this be somewhat related with my inability to render DVD playable video?

Thak you for any help


Demonstrative example of how the rendered video clip is shown in Kaffeine or Xine, step by step: ... es_bug.jpg

The pictures, taken by my digital camera, show first few frames - circa one second, so the defect is VERY SHORT - of two videoclips, rendered as .
Both videos are taken from the same source. Both where rendered using DVD PAL Video (VOB) profiles, the first one customized, the second one using default DVD PAL options. I tried many customized rendering settings, any difference however :(

Note: in MPlayer no such defect is noticeable.

I'm I only one experiencing this?

Temporary workaround:
Load to Avidemux, cut first frames to first keyframe, put A marker there, use copy method for both A/V (no reencoding), click on Save button. Then output is fine, nu such defect appearing.