Could you use Git to autosave backups?

The new autosaved backups feature looks danged slick. I've often wondered why FCP doesn't have a GUI for going back through revisions.

I wonder aloud, however, if it would be posible to use something like Git to store backups? Kdenlive could automaticly do a commit on save. A user could tag important revisions. There could be an efficient, full revision history. And ideally do all of this without the user knowing that they're using git.

This could just be overkill, and probably requires large restructuring, but Git could be very good at tracking changes to an XML file.

We indeed considered this during the Sprint 2011 in Randa. Yes, it would be an idea, but for now we decided against due to the dependency on git. The other reason is that we plan to add QScript support in near or far future, which would allow us to use git, but support first needs to be added.

I myself use git for all documents, also for kdenlive. Mainly for synchronization though :-]