Crash upon loading project

I have been working on a project for a few weeks now using 0.7.8 Mandriva 2010.1. About a week ago, I tried to load the project and it wouldn't load. Kdenlive would crash without loading. I have since tried to load the project on another computer (also Mandriva) and it loads the first time and is usable. However, once saving and exiting, I can't reload anymore. Kdenlive tries to load it but then crashes (seg fault) all the time. I've tried to install various debug modules but can't seem to get enough bug information to send in a useful bug report.

I know it's not the computer because I've done it on 2 separate computers. It must be something in the project itself because I'm able to load other past projects.

A possible hint: before loading this particular project, Kdenlive would ask for missing fonts. All fonts have already been installed and used in the project so I don't know why it would ask for missing fonts. Anyway, I clicked OK to use the suggested substitute fonts and it continues to load until eventually crashing. I've even tried opening the project in gedit and substituting those fonts with Liberation Sans before loading again. It doesn't ask for missing fonts anymore but it still crashes.

I would like to resume editing my project if I could only open it. Any clues or workarounds?



Problem solved, for now. I was able to load the project after turning off the "Show Thumbnail" buttons first. I guess the crash had something to do with these. After loading and using, if I click on the "Show Video Thumbnail" button, the program crashes immediately.
I guess I'll be editing without thumbnails for now.


You could try to clear the entire «thumbs» directory. This is what helped for me sometimes.
There has also been a fix in kdenlive recently which should prevent some crashes.


Thanks for the suggestion. Yes, when I clear the thumbnails directory, my project loads.