Crash when I open a project

When I try to open a project with some files (30 or 40 avi clips for about 1 hour), Kdenlive crash. I must to delete temporal directory to reopen project, but Kdenlive must to recreate icon files for all clips. I work with this project and save every ten minutes aprox, but when I try to reopen project, I have the same problem. Kdenlive is last version 0.7.8


This is a known problem on multi-core systems that was fixed since the release. Are you using multi-core system? You can turn off the thumbnails.

Same issue here.

Happens upon opening an existing project (created in 0.7.8) as well as importing a clip.

When I open it with a terminal i get this:

project monitor connected
clip monitor connected
QWidget::insertAction: Attempt to insert null action
QWidget::insertAction: Attempt to insert null action
Diverting av_*_packet function calls to libavcodec. Recompile to improve performance
swScaler: pal8 is not supported as output pixel format
KCrash: Application 'kdenlive' crashing...
KCrash: Attempting to start /usr/lib/kde4/libexec/drkonqi from kdeinit
kdenlive: Fatal IO error: client killed
aaron@myComputer:~$ kdenlive -v
Qt: 4.7.0
KDE Development Platform: 4.5.3 (KDE 4.5.3)
Kdenlive: 0.8