crashing constantly since melt update this morning

I am using ubuntu 12.10 64bit

just updated and I can not render any format... it is also crashing constantly with just somple commands like moving video from one channel to another.

the error that comes up from ubuntu is:

Rendering of /home/mark/kdenlive/output.mpg crashed
melt: /build/buildd/libav-extra-0.8.5ubuntu0.12.10.1/libav/libavutil/mathematics.c:80: av_rescale_rnd: Assertion `b >=0' failed.


I got it to render to webm... I think I know what the problem is... I am using AVCHD files and when yout try to slow the clip's speed by changing the speed to 300%... it crashes.

MTS files suck...

Lemme know if anyone else is having this problem


I've got exactly the same problem. Did you find a solution?