Creating blur filter, defocus, camera lens effects etc


I'd like to have a go at coding a filter or two, like blur, defocus or camera lens effects, like fish eye. Can anyone suggest where to find documentation (MLT i guess) an api etc to work with. My experience is with C.



Yes, if you want to help with filters, you will have to work on MLT.

You can find some doc on MLT's WIKI: ... umentation

But the best way is to have a look at an existing filter like :
filter_brightness that is in src/modules/core
or filter_boxblur that is in src/modules/kdenlive

You can try creating a new filter in the src/modules/kdenlive directory.
To have it compile & work, you will need to change the following files in the src/modules/kdenlive folder:
Makefile, configure and factory.c to add your new filter to them

Then you should be able to test your filter with MLT's command line player:

inigo test_video.mpg -attach my_filter

Hope it helps, you can otherwise ask questions on the mlt-devel mailing list.



thanks for the reply. i'll look into it and have a go.