Creating Digital Cinema Package (DCP) from kdenlive


I need help because I want to submit my documentary edited with kdenlive about blind football player (sorry in the moment only in German without subtitle)

... and the film festival request following formats:
DCP as well as Beta Digital PAL, Beta SP PAL and HDcam (25p/50i) videotapes

Is there any way in Linux to create such formats?

Thanks in advance
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Sorry to say that, but Linux has no Kernel Support for a Replicator

The Problem is Digi BETA - this is a Tape Cassette - a Medium. Therefore you need a Device - called
BETA SP is an analogue version of the Digibeta.
HDCAM Video Tapes are somthing like this >

Most helpful for you might be, to search for a production company near you, and ask for a service.
If they are nice, you wan't have to pay very much.
Render your movie throughout Kdenlive in different losless Versions - DNxHD and h.264. Burn that file to CD&DVD. They will know how to handle this.
Optional you could copy those files to an usb stick.

German Version - Auf Deutsch.

Das sind richtige Kasetten. Du benötigst dazu ein spezielles Gerät.
Werbeagenturen, oder TV Produktionsfirmen in deiner Nähe können dir dabei helfen.
Render ein paar verschiedene Formate wie DNxHD oder h.264 mit Kdenlive, spiel die Dateien auf einen stick oder CD/DVD.
Damit läufst du los zu einer Firma, wenn du nett fragst erstellen sie es in der Mittagspause evtl auch kostenlos.
Das Leermedium, einen Kaffee, und Kuchen solltest du bezahlen (ca. 10-40 Euro)

Wenn sich nichts in deiner Umgebung findet, dann suche einen Shop in deiner Nähe der solche Geräte repariert oder verkauft.
Evtl findet sich da ein netter Mensch.

Mit herzlichen Grüßen,
yt - yours truly

Dear yt,

found the following video tutorial for openDCP .

openDCP ( ) is open source and available as deb, rpm, exe and dmg.

Seems to be easy if you manage to export your movie as 16bit tiff sequence. I will report my experience here later.

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Problem is that openDCP requires openSSL >1.0 and my distribution Ubuntu 11.04 only provides 0.9

Have anyone used successfully openDCP on Ubuntu or any other linux distribution?

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Know it is getting clearer.
Didn´t know that there is an OpenDCP.

About libssl

Or, if it is not possible for you maybe you could install a more recent ubuntu in a virtual box, only for converting jobs.

Interesting tutorial that you´ve found.
And a realy god movie you´ve made. I´m impressed.

yours truly

It's not easy.

You need to create a image sequence from Kdenlive, which you can do by creating render profile that simply contains "vcodec=tiff" with .tif as the file extension. call the output file yourfilm_%05d.tif (the %05d but creates a sequential number, as in image_0001.if, etc) the problem is that it seem tricky to get kdenlive to output a proper DCI compliant image. The ratio for 2K should be 1998x1080, 78 pixels wider 1080 HD. You should add padding of 39px of black to each side. If your image is other than 1920*1080 you'd need to rescale AND pad. OpenDCP will rescale for you when it converts the tiff's to JPEG2000 but only using the crappiest simplest scaler (nearest pixel) which leads to lots of nasty looking scaling artefacts.

I couldn't find a way of scaling (from 1280x720 to 1920x1080) and padding (1920 to 1998) when exporting to tiff image sequence in kdenlive. It just ignored everything I tried and gave me a 1280x720 output. A nice set of 1998x1080 profiles would be nice.

Personally I'd just render something like a ffv1 lossless file from kdenlive, as a DCP is probably not the only version, maybe a web / bluray / DVD version is a posibility too. Then use the ffv1 to generate any other versions including image sequence in any number of external tools. Just a thought.