Creating a list of renders

What I'd like to do is set up a list of renderings so that before I go to bed at night, or leave for the day, I can have Kdenlive execute them all in one go.

However, unless I am missing something obvious, I can't seem to do that. The only option at the bottom of the render dialogue is "render to file" which goes straight into the render queue, and then it immediately starts rendering. If I attempt to start any other project or a new render, Kdenlive cancels the first rendering, and sometimes crashes.

Is this possible with Kdenlive? To get more than one rendering into a list and then have Kdenlive act on them at a later time?

If you start a new render, at least from the same project, it should queue it to run after the current render and not cancel or crash. Alternatively, you can save render jobs as a script within the Render dialog, and then even run them from the command line or schedule them to start at certain time using 'at'.

There should be an option to just add the render to the queue and not just start it right away. As it is now there's hardly any use for a render queue at all.
The whole point as I see it is to be able to queue your jobs and then run them when you decide to.

If you want to create a render job without starting it, use the "Generate Script" option (by clicking on the small arrow if the "Render to File" button) - see attached screenshot (I will try to redesign the dialog to make that option more visible one day...)

That will create a script that will be listed in the "Scripts" tab of the render dialog and can be started whenever you want.


Just tried the newer version .8, and I'm really liking it. More stable, good rendering options, and other improvements (though I think the "Composite" transition interface is a little complicated...).

I'm posting because this issue is still really clunky. I understand there is a "Generate Script" option, but, aside from the naming being unintuitive, this is still not the solution we were looking for.

Consider if one wants to render 10 videos. I'd like to line them all up and leave them overnight, and wake up to freshly complete renderings.

Under the current set up, for each one I have to click to generate a script, which will put it in a list. However, there is no button or option (that I can see) to execute all scripts. Which means I have to click each one and say "start render".

Which means that for 10 renders, I have to click 20 times to get them going.

However, what there should be is an "Add to queue" button. And then an "execute render queue" option. This way I only have to click 11 times. Once for each render to put them in the queue, and then once to start the queue.

I realize that clicking 9 extra times isn't exactly the world's most earth shattering problem, but it is inneficient and I think, more importantly, symptomatic of a kind of wrongly constructed workflow.

I hope you'll see to it that this gets rectified.

Kdenlive is still hands down the best open source video editor software, and stands a good chance of becoming the de facto standard, so please take what I say to be constructive criticism, and thank you for all your hard work.

that's clicking 11 times instead of 40 times! (generate script, ok, script, start script x10)

Could try the technique described here

Once you have submitted a rendering job on a project and it is up and running in the Job Queue you can drag the render window out of the way and edit the project some more or load a new project and render that one too. The second submitted render job will go into the Job Queue. Editing the project after a render job is submitted will not change the settings on that job.