Creating a new timeline

Hi guys!

I'm loving what Kdenlive can do right now :)

Is there support yet for creating new timelines in a project? I can't seem to find any info online about this, or anything in the program that would let me make a new timeline.


Chris Nuzzaco

What do you mean by "creating new timelines"? If you talk about having several timelines in one project, this is currently not supported.

But you can already Import a Kdenlive project into your project tree and add it as a single clip into the timeline. This already provides some kind of meta-clip editing although you can not get into the opened project yet. But what you can already do is opening the imported project in an other kdenlive instance. All changes made there will be applied to the imported project in realtime.

Thanks for the replies! Yes, I was looking for a way to create multiple timelines in one project.