creating Title with gimp

I have read in the wiki that it is possible to make the title in gimp and import it.
How can a gimp image be imported to make a 10 s static clip of it ?


Currently, the video MLT framework cannot load gimp xcf files. So you will need to save your image in PNG, then in Kdenlive use the "Create image clip" option from the Project menu and add your image.

The good news is that I made some experiments to add xcf file support to MLT and just submitted a patch for review that will add support for EXR, PSD, XCF, PCX and TIFF images to MLT. So maybe you will soon be able to directly import your gimp title to Kdenlive.

Gimp xcf images are now supported with latest MLT and Kdenlive svn versions (as well as pcx, psd, tiff and exr).


Wonderful, thanks for your hard work.
The power of free software.
I am currently compiling to test the latest SVN.

Works like a charm with xcf !

then in Kdenlive use the "Create image clip" option from the Project menu and add your image.

That was what I was looking for, but I do not have this option in the project menu.
I am using kdenlive-0.4 under gentoo on amd64 bit pc (compiled it from the gentoo ebuild with quicktime and theora use-flags, without arts and xinerama use-flags). Should it be available in 0.4 or is this only in 0.5 ?

If you right click in the project tree, you should get a context menu with that option.


I found the menu by clicking on the "add clip" icon right from the "search" area in the project tree. This was for me not so intuitive.

The icon for "add clip" is the same as the one for "create new project" (upmost left icon). I would suggest to use a different icon.

Right clicking in the project tree does not give a context menu. The menu under "project" does not give the option either. So maybe my compilation has some bugs or there is something that might improve in the next release.

Anyway I continue exploring kdenlive (I use kino as default for the moment). I am currently looking at titling, faing in and out and banners.

Thanks for the replies.

I have seen that the menu under project in a gentoo 64 bit install is smaller than the menu under project in a ubuntu 32 bit install. In gentoo I have 5 items , in ubuntu about 8 and especially the possibility to create an clip from an image is missing. Seems to be something with gentoo. I checked it on a gentoo 32 bit install which gives the same as the 64 bit. So I going to file a bugreport there. ? Anyone else missing 'create image clip' or 'create color clip' in the project menu ?