Crop top and right side of 1280x720@59.97 footage

For some reason when recording from my HD PVR (component connection from Xbox 360) there are tiny little black lines at the top and on the right side of the footage. I am sure of a way to fix this issue as the xbox 360 is already set at 720p output and the default record settings for the HD PVR are already 1280x720. So what I have been doing is running it thru avidemux and using the crop filter to remove the black lines from the top and the right. It ends up being 1272x712 BUT at least the bars are gone. I have tried the crop effect in kdenlive but it just ends up rendering the black crop bars in my final footage. Is it maybe because I failed to rescale during render to 1272x712 or what selection would I chose when I render?

So I want some effect in kdenlive that will crop out the top black line and right black line from the video. It's only 4px's on each side BUT avidemux said that it was a multiple of 8 so it would give my avi troubles, so I had to take it down 8 px's on top and right side.

Here's a website showing the exact problem and I guess it's a common issue.

Any help would be appreciated.