Cue Sheet support


Sometimes I like my video transitions to be also synchronized with music (rythm changes, strong drums, instrument starting to play...). So to ease this, it would be great that Kdenlive could import Cue Sheets as markers.

The job is that I could generate that Cue Sheet with an audio editor like Audacity or Adobe Audition and when Kdenlive loads it, i.e. audiotrack01.mp3, it also looks for audiotrack01.cue and parses it as markers into the new audio track in the timeline. And with those markers, video can be easily synchronized. :)

More info about Cue Sheets can be found here:

Thanks in advance!


Had never heard about the cue sheets, but this feature was quite easy to achieve, so it is now implemented in svn.
You can right click on a clip in the project tree view and select: "Import Cue Sheet". This will create markers on that clip using the timecodes found in the cue sheet.

Works with the simple cue sheet example found on wikipedia.


This is it! It is going to save me lots of time. 8-)

Thanks again, j-b-m!