Current position sticks/lags while browsing through the project

When I browse (not playing, paused) through the project-to-be-rendered (not the clips itself), the current position pointer always lags behind, it seems sticky. Even worse, when I click on a certain point, the pointer goes to that position, the monitor is not updated and a second later, the pointer RETURNS to it previous position! Only the SECOND time I click on the position I'd like to go to, the pointer actually stays there and the monitor is updated. Sometimes, it doesn't want to go the my requested position at all, it keeps returning to the previous position.

It cannot be a speed or complexity issue as the source is mjpeg (intra frames only).


Maybe it's an issue with mjpeg in avi and/or 1080p? I think it's very strange because there are only intraframes in the file anyway. It's very reproducable here.

I could reproduce this problem in earlier versions. Especially with H.264 files where seeking takes some time.
With the current version compiled from sources I cannot reproduce it anymore.
Are you using 0.7.8?

I am using (always!) SVN of kdenlive together with GIT mlt. The version I am using is from 2010 feb 10, so it's quite recent.

When I run across another file that causes this behaviour I'll supply a piece for inspection. BTW it's always mjpeg-in-avi produced by ffmpeg. As it's 1080p AND the "q" setting is 2, the individual frames are quite big actually (in actual disk space used). Can this be a simple waiting-for-the-disk problem? The bitrate is somewhere around 30.000 kbps...

Maybe I just should be using a lower q setting, like 3. Anyone experience?