Cursor jump back - Lucid 10.04

Hi Everyone,

from 9.10 Karmic I have problems with video editing. In Karmic were problems with Pulseaudio, but now I have another speciality. I think thats not only Kdenlive problem (bug?). The same situation is in Openshot. Pitivi not, maybe its in MLT, i don't know. I have Intel i915, my uncle has Intel as well, and the situation is same. I use at first repository packages and then Sunab too.

I don't know how to say it easy, but when i give cursor somwhere to timeline, it jump back. I have to wait for a momment /1 second/ and then give it to new place.

I can't scroll with mousewheel on the line, where is time. Cursor jump back.

Kdenlive cursor back
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Which versions of FFMPEG, MLT and Kdenlive are you using ? Are you usung the sunab or sunab 2 ppa ? If you can, use the sunab2 ppa to get more recent versions.

Does this happen with more than one clip ? What codec do the impacted clips use ?

I suspect it could just be another AVCHD seeking issue if you're using the footage from an HD camera. If that's the case, you should transcode all your AVCHD clips to DNxHD (using the File->Transcode feature), which works flawlessly, but make larger files (AVCHD isn't really editable directly yet).

Hi LeHomard,

thanks for reply. I tried Sunab2 packages and situation is same. It happens with 1 or more clips. Codec, thats special situation. Original is .mov, with mjpeg inside.(Camera - old Panasonic Lumix). But there was a problem with scratchy sound. So I have to convert to .dv with Winff. Everything was fine in Jaunty. Original resolution is VGA, but .dv convert it into PAL. My uncle has .mpeg camera with PAL. He edit video in .mpeg.
When we render PAL, result is OK. We both use Project Default DV/DVD PAL.

Thanks P.

Now im using ffmpeg 4:0.5.1-1ubuntu1, libmlt-data 0.5.7+git20100808.44ef5f4a-0ubuntu0~sunab~lucid1. But I can't find only mlt. In sunab2 repository on Launchpad is mlt 0.5.7+git20100808.44ef5f4a-0ubuntu0~sunab~lucid1, in my synaptic not.

Does the problem also occur using other files? For example just color clips?

Hi ttill,

i don't know exactly, what do you mean with color clip. But, when I import .jpeg file the situation is same. P

I installed Kdenlive in work. I have here Intel GMA3100 and situation is same. Nobody has the same problem? I have 3 machines, and this problem is everywhere. P.

You can add a color clip by right clicking in the project tree -> add color clip.
Maybe the problem is the big difference between MLT and ffmpeg.
You use a very recent version of MLT but ffmpeg is quite outdated. Can you maybe upgrade to ffmpeg 0.6?

Hi ttill,

thanks for response. Adding color clip doesn't help. I have fear upgrade ffmpeg :0) I use Ubuntu Lucid, so I didn't find suitable repository with ffmpeg 0.6. P.

Hi, do not upgrade to ffmpeg 0.6, you will find some ppas for lucid, but know that 0.6 have introduced api changes breaking backward compatibility with 0.5.1. Doing this upgrade all applications not rebuilt against ffmpeg 0.6 will experience many problems.


Edit : Cannot reproduce your problem on a clean Karmic install. Can you tell me what KDE / Qt versions are you using, and where the packages come from?

Hi Sunab,

thanks for advice with ffmpeg. I use normal KDE Lucid version 4.4.2. Now I have not Karmic, but in Karmic I had problem with crackling sound. This problem is much better :0) I have in system Mobile media converter and Winff, but MMC has special ffmpeg, I think. P.

Sorry I misunderstood you, well I use Lucid right now and I cannot reproduce the cursor jump back problem. There is something wrong on your system.

Thanks Sunab,

here is last chance:

psimacek@B-Linux:~$ kdenlive
File given: true
Color mode changed to 0
File given: true
QWidget::insertAction: Attempt to insert null action
QWidget::insertAction: Attempt to insert null action

This output is not related.
Does seeking work in the clip monitor?

Hi ttill,

with mlt nothing and with melt is seeking not possible:

petr@kap-laptop:~$ mlt P1240167.MOV
No command 'mlt' found, did you mean:
Command 'llt' from package 'storebackup' (universe)
Command 'mft' from package 'texlive-binaries' (main)
Command 'mgt' from package 'mgt' (universe)
Command 'melt' from package 'melt' (universe)
Command 'mln' from package 'mmv' (universe)
Command 'mt' from package 'mt-st' (universe)
Command 'mt' from package 'star' (universe)
Command 'mt' from package 'cpio' (main)
mlt: command not found
petr@kap-laptop:~$ melt P1240167.MOV
+-----+ +-----+ +-----+ +-----+ +-----+ +-----+ +-----+ +-----+ +-----+
|1=-10| |2= -5| |3= -2| |4= -1| |5= 0| |6= 1| |7= 2| |8= 5| |9= 10|
+-----+ +-----+ +-----+ +-----+ +-----+ +-----+ +-----+ +-----+ +-----+
| H = back 1 minute, L = forward 1 minute |
| h = previous frame, l = next frame |
| g = start of clip, j = next clip, k = previous clip |
| 0 = restart, q = quit, space = play |
Current Position: 274

Do the keys given there not work? For example "L = forward 1 minute"
And what about the clip monitor?

Oh Yes, I'm sorry seeking not work with arrow keys. Other keys in "terminal frame" are OK. Clip monitor without problems, I think. I see normal picture as in Totem etc. P.

Now i installed new Openshot 1.2.2 and problem gone... But, frankly speaking, I think, that Openshot is very complicated and Kdenlive is in another dimension. P.