Curves NOT working after latest update.

Team Kdenlive,

THe new effect stack is very good to use. Thanks for the update. But iw as in the final Color correction stage of my first shor film. And after the new update curvs are not usefull ata all.
Issue 1: The Curves are not showing any changes i had made in the when openinga saved file.
Issue 2: When i alter curve of Luma, the composit monitor shows blank white
Issue 3: The curve of chroma's also are not working.

Please check this ASAP, as i am in serious trouble.


Thanks for reporting, this is now fixed in git.

THANK YOU so much for fixing it so fast...
i was struggling all these days to build the latest git, but i couldnt.
now i got it from synaptic.
thanks a ton again.