cut button in clip/project monitor

It is very simple to make a zone in a clip, or in the project, using play/pause and the start/end buttons. It can be quite accurate. But then what do I do to cut something out which I've just 'zoned'?

I can't work it out in the short time i need to do it. With Avidemux it is very simple, just set the points and CTRL-X.

Couldn't kdenlive have a button to remove the zoned part? As far as I can see setting a zone is only used for adding part of a clip to the project. clicking the razor tool on the project clip takes away accuracy in my opinion.

I have tried and cutting out a tiny fragment takes a lot.. setting a zone, going to the start of it (no button to do that only Shift-l) presing x, clicking on the marker, going to the end of the zone, clicking on the marker, change to select tool, delete, then remove empty space, and you better zoom in too or else the razor tool will miss the marker. Much too much work!

and one more thing, what is the use of making a zone in the project monitor if u can't remove that part?


You can click into the clip monitor and drag straight into the Project Tree, no need to save it anywhere, the in/out clip appears beneath the parent clip. Faster than saving the clip somewhere or feeling forced to make a decision where to drop it on the timeline.

so that means the use of the start/end zone is only useful for what you want from a clip, its no good for taking out something you don't want.

If I have a 3min clip and I need to take out a few 1sec parts because of a smear (like avidemux has kindly done for me) its no use selecting all the before that 1sec part, drag it to the tree, then select all the after part and drag it over as well, that will be more time consuming. I just need to cut out a part by using the start/end frames because that's much more precise than using the razor tool, unless you zoom in and point the mouse a lot.

I might just end up with the razor tool on zoom, as the rendering of kdenlive is so powerful. But to have this feature of cutting part of a clip out by the start/end markers it would be ideal!!!!

I see, delete a selected zone, like a SHIFT + Del, which is not an option unfortunately. :-)

but it could be!

also.. in the rendering window, how about a pause button?

ok, so I will use space to play/pause, then drag the marker a bit, then the razor tool (hit X) to cut the clip twice and select tool (hit S) to delete the part (reaching for the del key), and spacer tool (hit M) to move the clips to close the gap! or right click remove space.

So why is there not a single Timeline option to remove ALL empty space??????????

I'm closing all the gaps one by one, because I'm working on the project timeline....

I've got the idea with dragging the marker (to seek the frames) and using the razor (zoomed in) I just need an option, remove all empty spaaaace

If you want to remove space between multiple clips on the timeline how about position playhead in any space on the timeline, SHIFT LMB select multiple clips, CTRL+G to Group them, and then Remove Space.

Nope, that doesn't do it, looks like it does until playing the timeline but the blank space has really just moved under the thumbnail view of the timeline which doesn't update correctly, evident after ungrouping. :-(

ok, with keys and shortcuts i can work a bit faster...
Space, play/pause
drag the marker or,
C, one frame left*
V, one frame right*
X and LMB, razor
S and LMB, select
D, delete item*
rightclick on space and R, close the gap

* my shortcuts

Can someone tell me that I'm not allowed to do this then I will stop doing it.
(although I have been doing it for a long time without any problems)

Click on the spacer icon at the bottom then in the timeline move to the clip immediately to the right of the space. Left click and hold and drag everything to the left, move to the next space and repeat. When finished, click on the pointer icon at the bottom.