Czech documentation

Firstly I would like to present my school-leaving project which I wrote as czech (local language) manual for Kdenlive (version 0.7.6). My reason to write it was the fact that english documentation here is not completed and translation is conditioned by completation.

Now, few months later, english documentation doesn't seem to be finished yet. So Secondly I would like to ask how is this work proceeding.

Thirdly I think User manual here would need more clearer structure and I created, in my opinion, good structure in my project. My work can be downloaded on however it is in Czech so Google Translator could be useful.

At last, I was offered to refill this texts and images to wiki on our local linux server. That's made me think about usability of translated manuals on this english page - will be enough people to maintain it? Will end-users go to this page? In case they will, should be whole page in their language?

I do not believe there has been much real work put into the English documentation. What existed previously was for v0.5 and v0.6 and v0.7 has changed much. I am not aware of anyone who is working on it. Please check back to this forum periodically to see if anyone or a group has decided to work on documentation.