decent/good PC setup for Kdenlive

im a hobbyst in making some sports videos, from weekend trips (i.e. paintball)
right now im making it on a 2008 c2d laptop
and i want to buy something better
PC computer to work with Kdenlive
what specs do You think would be best?
16 gb ram - that for sure,
and what is more important for Kdenlive processor power or graphic card?
i want to build a setup myself - so i could use it few years with not thinking that i could make it 3 times faster on another machine,
thanks for all your thoughts

I edit with Kdenlive on 2 PCs. The first is a Lenovo G550 laptop. It has a dual core Pentium processor with a clock speed of 2Ghz and 3 GB of RAMM. The second is my desktop machine, which has a quad core AMD processor (not sure of the CPU speed) and 4 GB of RAMM.

I purchased both PCs here -

Kdenlive runs very well on both machines.

I'm running Kdenlive 0.8.2 with PC Linux OS 2012.2 - 32 bit

Hope this helps -