Diashow with different resolutions

Hello everybody,

as the topic says I have problems to create a diashow with pictures with different resolutions. I want to make a diashow with pictures I shot in portrait format and landscape format mixed together. The problem is that Kdenlive automatically rotates the portrait format pictures. The thing I am really confused about is that it didn't rotate in some diashow clips but in others it did (in one clip with 17 pics it didn't rotate in another with >40 it did rotate every portrait picture).

Of course I tried to add diasows with just less than 17 pics but this didn't work either.
So if somebody knows something about a solution to my problem it would be very nice.


Ok I guess I figured it out by myself. If anybody has this problem too, here is how it worked for me.
Just delete the clip out of your project and than add them again. If that doesn't work, restart Kdenlive. I did this a few times and then it suddenly worked.