Different title text render/antialiasing quality with title clips

Having worked on a dozen small Kdenlive projects so far, I'm (still) having some issues, so I'm asking here for help. Maybe one or another issue may actually be a bug, but before filing bug issues, I want to make sure that the problem is not me in fact. For your information: I'm using the most recent kdenlive compilations from sunab's bleeding repository on a Kubuntu 12.04 installation.

Now for my problem: I've noticed that sometimes my title text in title clips doesn't get properly antialiased during rendering. For instance, in one project (http://youtu.be/iBGro0HU9x0) I have a sequence at around 0:17:xx where the title text clip isn't antialiased. However, this title clip then gets composed with another title clip around 0:20:xx and now the situation is as follows: the first title text now is antialiased, while the newly appeared title text isn't.

Am I doing something wrong here in the way I am compositing? The compositing of the first and second title clip only starts when the second clip is scheduled to appear. Not compositing between 0:17:xx and 0:20:xx and no additional black clip in the timeline, only the title clip.

Any help greatly welcomed. And many thanks for the great work of Kdenlive!
-- TheDiveO

To answer my own question: the only way currently seems to ensure that the title clip always gets composed to another one, even if it's a black one. At least as a work around.