Distorted Project Monitor for 50i HD

The 1440x1080 50i clips from my Canon HG10 camcorder are distorted in the project monitor. The first frame looks fine, but as soon as I play the clip or jump to a new position, everything gets messed up. The same files play fine in ffplay. Any ideas?

Distorted Project Monitor

Thank you very much.

I noted an AVCHD display aspect ration problem two days ago. Dan is looking at the issue. Could you open a bug? Visit support->Bug reports and follow our guidelines. At the same time I would appreciate a 10s raw sample of the Canon HG10 camcorder. Could you upload it somewhere? It will allow us to understand the bug.

To everyone:

As written on the welcome page, any user of a camcorder not listed in http://www.kdenlive.org/video-editor should report his camcorder in our database. This is extremely important. It seems that not many people are reporting their camcorder. We are spending a lot of time and would appreciate that all of you report cams when not listed.

Thanks for the report.

jmpoure: what are the specs for the PC you tested HF100 footage on? Will you also test 24mbs footage from HF11? I wan't to buy a laptop that would handle AVCHD editing (just so it works, it doesn't need to fly), so I'm really looking into C2D computers (no Quad Cores please). Can Kdenlive use more than a single core?

It is a known issue that seeking is not perfect on AVCHD and some other formats. When you play in ffplay, try clicking around on the window. The X axis of the window is like a scrub bar. Do you see the problem there too?


AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 4200+
SATA hard discs
4Mb of RAM

I am happy to test any file, please find some HF11 raw footage on internet or ask on forum. Maybe HV20 forum.

In answer to your post, FFmpeg can sometimes decode AVCHD using threading code, but this is not always possible. You have to test on raw media.

I will open a seperate thread on the forum to submit raw footage.

I tested the HF11, it seems unsupported yet for software decoding speed issue and seeking problem: http://www.kdenlive.org/video-editor/canon-hf11

Ok, I filed a bug report: http://www.kdenlive.org/mantis/view.php?id=531

I also provided a short fottage from the HG10 camcorder.

When playing around in ffplay I see some artifacts while seeking, but the clip plays fine again. But in kdenlive the clip does not play properly.


If the h.264 video plays and is seekable with artifacts in ffplay, but doesn't play at all in the project monitor, how can it only be an ffmpeg issue as stated in bug# 428?  If the video just played with artifacts in the project monitor, that would be an improvement.  Is there anything that can be done to allow the video to play properly?  I have compiled kdenlive using the guide on this site on Ubuntu 8.04.