Divide 2 videos in two parts then join the parts mixed

I try to explain myself... to do so I will use three images ...

I have two videos (video1.jpg and video2.jpg). I want to cut vertically each video and join the right side of video1 with the left side of video2 (video_final.jpg).

It is possible with kdenlive? another free application?


Thank's Dalgo, but I need a little bit more help ;)

I played with different effects and Scale0tilt is what approached more, but I have a problem...

First I use Scale0tilt to 'cut' the right side of clip1 (1.png)

Second I 'cut' the left sido of clip2 (2.png)

When I join the two clips, I only see the left side of video clip1 (3.png)

Seems I need transparency for the cutted parts, correct? I tried with transparency effect, but no luck.

Can somebody guide me? Thank's!

You have to add a composite transition.
Right click on the clip on top -> add transition -> composite
Then make sure it is as long as the clips should overlay.