Do kdenlive developpers know about OpenShot

Hello guys,
I found a topic on Ubuntu forum about Openshot which seems to be kind of Gdenlive. It looks alike Kdenlive but maybe too much alike to be natural.
Do you developers know about this soft? Is it a copy/paste into GTK environment from your code and do you know the guy who built it?

I'd like to have a Gdenlive version but I've been following your hard work since...(i can't remember) and I'm more confident with what you've done so far.

I'd like to have your point of view and, if he releases a GTK version, you may add him into your team. This would give Kdenlive a new official GTK branch.


"This would give Kdenlive a new official GTK branch."

you make me laughing a lot ... thanks

OpenShot no es kdenlive con gtk
kdenlive desde mi punto de vista es superior
kdenlive es mas profesional

kdenlve tiene un Monitor Previo y monitor final
es mas paresido los programs de edicion propietario
evoluciona mas rapido

I am aware of it because like Kdenlive it uses MLT, and I am the MLT maintainer. However, I think the approach to the UI is quite different from Kdenlive. There is practically no reuse of code from Kdenlive as OpenShot is written in Python and GTK+.

Thanks Ddennedy for your reply and explanation.

Nyme, i'm happy i made you laugh (sincerely). i'll try another one later one! :)


Seems to me I tried OpenShot not that long ago. At the time it seemed kind of underwhelming, not really in the same league feature-wise with Kdenlive. Maybe it's improved.

My experience with Kdenlive is mixed. I've tried it on different systems and under different conditions (I wonder if installing the K desktop would help?) but now it's not working for me. OpenShot works in video clips up to 3 minutes, though. I've been careful not to install two video editors on one system, because of conflicting dependencies.

I had mixed experiences with kdenlive in the past but this latest iteration is really stable and feature rich. I love cinelerra but it's temperamental. Kdenlive is fresh breezy and smells good too. :-) I've never run kdenlive on G so I couldn't tell you about stability issues there. My 2c.

For the first time in Linux history there has come a video editor that any one can use hassle free and were things just works. Once people are aware of its existence on a larger scale, Open shot will become a major, and i do mean major contender in the video editing world.

So much so that today i officially unistaled kdenlive, cinelerra and use openshot only now

@syncdram You actually made an account on the Kdenlive forum just to tell us you've uninstalled Kdenlive? OpenShot must be AWESOME !!! I'm uninstalling today!

@syncdram I tried Openshot just a few days ago (before trying Kdenlive) I found it to be VERY limited and it only lasted a day on my computer. So glad I tried Kdenlive, I was at first put off by hearing it was very unstable and also the name starting with KDE I thought it might not work very well on Gnome2 but It has been working great for me.

I have tested both. My background is mostly windows software. I found OpenShot-on-Ubuntu easier to get setup and working. But IMO Kdenlive has a better user interface and performs better with HD video therefore I pick Kdenlive as the one to focus on.