Dockable Clip Properties / File Manager / Thumbnail Grid / 2nd Canvas for dual monitors

Is it possible to make the Clip Properties dockable?

Integrate a simple file manager / media browser type dockable applet so it's easy to access storage media and drag drop into the project clips applet I find the 'Add Clip' dialogue long winded and the aside preview tricky, as it works on mouse hover it's not unusual to add the wrong clip? I guess simply making the add clip dialogue dockable would go some way to that.

And for the clip manager applet a tileable thumbnail view like a contact sheet?

Also with the project clip applet could the user created folders be tabable and user colour codeable?

I have a dual monitor setup like many and wonder whether it would be possible to have a 2nd canvas area to dock the various applets into instead of having to have them floating and adjusting their edges to cover the desktop of the 2nd monitor, or stretch kdenlive across two monitors which ends up making it difficult to position the edges of the docked applets where they cross the two monitors, the borders to the applets are very thin so it often appears that the vertical edge gets chopped off.

I find the the 'Twinview' setup better where you can maximise the app window into each monitors so being able to have a second canvas maximised into the second monitor with lots of the docked applets on would be good giving a clear border at the center of the two monitors. Hope that makes sense.