<Solved> Does Kdenlive screencast out of the box?

Hi all,

I've just downloaded this program, and it's pretty much what I'm looking for.

What would be a huge bonus to know is, can it also record a stand-alone screencast, then allow for editing?
I see it requires recordmydesktop to be installed, so this looks promising..

If it can screencast as well, please point me to some tutorials showing how this can be done?



Is this THE Baldrick from VH?!

Actually as of Kdenlive 0.9.4 recordmydesktop is no longer used or required and the screencapture in Kdenlive is handled by ffmpeg, in most cases it works very well with a lot of supported hardware however it depends a bit on which Linux distribution you use and how they have handled packaging ffmpeg or libav. So I will say theoretically it should just work... On my own system I had to modify the commands a bit to get it to work with the mono inputs on my headset so I will say a little knowledge of ffmpeg commands will go a long way if you encounter any difficulties.

VH? Probably not.

Just worked it out - not difficult!! Thanks anyway.


The Administrator at the popular Videohelp.com site goes by 'baldrick' too (or at least used to, I haven't been there in a while)... Anyway glad you got it sorted out. :)