i just finished my first kdenlive project. I'm very pleased to have kdenlive, specially because of the comfortable user interface.

To make a long story short, I want to give something back, and as I'm not a programmer, i would prefer to donat some money to the kdelive project or to another project on which kdelive is based on.

How can I do this?



Good to here you like Kdenlive.
Not sure if there is a way to donate, but you might want to supply feature requests, bug reports or ideas to further improve Kdenlive.

So, we have August 2011 and I would like to ask again, it is possible to donate kdenlive?
Is there any kdelive foundation or something like that?

Please donate to a cause that deals with hunger or victims of warfare.

The good news is...

...if you like Kdenlive you can donate it:

There is $2,951 so far :)))))