Downhill street skiing, Japan

Snowboarding vid, with subliminal ads for my favorite hang-outs :)

OS - Ubuntu, edit - Avidemux, Kdenlive, sound - Audacity. What do you think?

Would like to see, but it is blocked due to music right violation. :( GEMA did not agree to use music from SME.

Where is it blocked? It seems to be getting viewed ok on youtube.

What's SME?

It is blocked in Germany. We have an institution called GEMA. Memebers are composers, artists and labels. The members sell the rights of use to the GEMA. The GEMA then collects money from everybody, who publicly plays music which is owned by GEMA, keeps about 25% of the money and gives the rest to all GEMA members - following a complex distribution formula. It does not matter if you play the whole piece of music or a second. Who has to pay? Everybody. TV, radio, event organizers (concerts, sport) - finally everyone who uses GEMA music (no matter where, even in the internet). Funny sidenote: If a band is GEMA member and organizes a concert itself and plays only own music, they are going to pay GEMA fees - far more than they will get from the GEMA.

GEMA used to have a deal with youtube, who payed flatrate fee for some years. But in 2009 the contract ran out and was not renewed. Since then there are more and more videos blocked in Germany. youtube is willing to pay 0.5 Euro-Cents per click, GEMA wants 8-12 Cents.

The message from youtube is (translated): Unfortunately this video, which contains music from SME, is not available in Germany, because GEMA did not grant the rights for this.

To have the video available worldwide and not get into conflict with the very complex copyright laws, I switched from widespread commercial music (which is 99% GEMA) to CreativeCommons tracks and I have no problems publishing them in youtube. If you like, take a look at, a great CC music portal with currently 327,067 searchable tracks of all genres.

That's interesting, al25fps, thanks for the info. Shame it can't be viewed in Germany. If you want me to send you the file, email me at roquet34 AT

I'll check out that website. For the video I'm working on at the moment I plan to use a Japanese drumming soundtrack from piratebay. I wonder if GEMA would object? It's not like they'd recognise the artist (unlike Hendrix!).

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You are welcome. It spent days to understand the basics of German copyright, music licensing rights, publishing laws and stuff like that... CreativeCommons is very simple, the rest is very complex.

If you could upload the movie to vimeo, it will not be blocked (usually). GEMA is quite focused on youtube - they have the largest collection of movies. I have seen a couple of movies at youtube with a line that is available at vimeo because of the GEMA thing.

If GEMA owns the rights of the Japanese drumming and you upload it to youtube it may be blocked, too. It is worth a try.

Cheers, Achim

Nice! Thank you!