DVD wizard crashing

Everything working fine until I came to adding a video menu in the dvd wizard.
If I use a flat image for the menu I have no problem, however, if I try to use a video for the menu The wizard falls over each time with various error msg's. The main error seems to be "timed out" I shorted my menu video down from 60 second down to 40, down to 30, and down to only 5 seconds before I stopped the "timed out" error but then it fell over with another error.

Has anybody else had the problem... and how do I fix it or is there other software which will do the same job. I would like to stick with the dvd wizard as it the only menu creation system that I have found that allows intro video before the menu which is import for the project I am working on.

Many thanks

Kdenlive 0.7.8 & mint 10 RC


Hi, when you're exporting a video for dvd, you don't use mpeg standard but dvdvideo (.vob).

The start video must to be a .vob file.

if lorenzo's hint is correct, then the other hint is to look for the "Destination" drop-down option in the Render dialog to choose DVD.

Have already tried it and it made no difference.
I have also tried it on two other installation just encase my machine was at fault with the same result.

The DVD wizard just seem not to want a video background for the menu!!!

I have a similar issue. Kdenlive crashes when I just choose DVD in the Destination. I tried this for several times and it crashes every time. I have Ubuntu 10.10 and Kdenlive 0.7.8. Does anybody have the same?