Dvd wizard - menu not view

Click on dvd wizard, add to 3 vob file,add bacground image,add button and link to movie

create ISO.

Click prewiev and not any text view in menu:

Burn to dvd and my menu is not view.

PC: Intel core duo, 4 MB ram, 500GB hard disk
Kdenlive 0,81, ubuntu 11.04

Please help me and sorry my bad english.


I could reproduce the problem. When creating the dvd iso image, I saw the following warning at the start of the log text:

WARN: Button y coordinates are odd for button b0: 295x88-368x135; they may not display properly.
WARN: Button y coordinates are odd for button b1: 291x136-364x183; they may not display properly.
WARN: Button y coordinates are odd for button b2: 295x332-368x379; they may not display properly.

Maybe that is an issue depending on the font size. I am investigating & will post again when I find a solution

Ok, I found the problem, should be fixed in Kdenlive svn rev. 5622

j-b-m thank you.
Please tell me how to upgrade Kdenlive svn rev. 5622.
In terminal write svn co https://kdenlive.svn.sourceforge.net/sv … k/kdenlive.
It is ok?

Sorry and thank you.

Please use the build script to compile it.

If you are on Ubuntu and not familiar with svn, git and other compilation related issues, you can add Sunab's experimental repository wich will bring you the latest MLT and Kdenlive's development versions..but you must be aware that those development versions may be unstable and are not recommended for daily use. The repository is:


As several problematic issues have been fixed since 0.8, I think we will try to release 0.8.1 in a few weeks.