dvdauthor 0.7 incompatibility

Trying to create a dvd using kdenlive's dvd wizard results in a failure of the wizard when creating the ISO image.

The xml file to control dvdauthor seem to be incompatible with the recent version of dvdauthor (0.7), error message of the wizard says that video format is missing.

Is there a workaround; can the xml template be corrected manually?

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Not tested, but according to the release notes this might help:
$ echo NTSC > ~/.config/video_format
$ echo PAL > ~/.config/video_format

Should be fixed in development version (svn rev. 5163)

I can verify that Dan's suggestion works for me. I might be out of date, but I'm sure not to be the only one in that situation :)

david@david:~$ cat .config/video_format

Ubuntu 11.04
dvdauthor Version: 0.7.0-1
kdenlive Version: 0.7.8-2