easy-to-use powerful transitions

First of all, congratulations for all your work. Kdenlive is a really powerful and efficient video application.

I'm not really a video maker but my father is. I'm trying to convert my dad from Windows-Pinnacle Studio to Linux-Kdenlive but there's two main mental blocks :
- kdenlive UI is not as user-friendly as Pinnacle Studio
- powerful transitions (such Affine, Composite and Region) are not easy to use.

I hope he could get used to the first point but the second point is really stopping him to move to Kdenlive and Linux.

Affine, Composite and Region are really powerful transitions but there's not useable by any user. He would like to have predefined powerful transitions (based on Affine, Composite and Region) like on Pinnacle (just drag&drop transitions). He can't understand how to use them (too complex for him) even with the french documentation I wrote here : http://fr.wikibooks.org/wiki/Kdenlive/Transitions.

This would be a great new feature.

Hello Phil,
I am very happy to find your explication about Transitions wish Kdenlive in French.
It's very clear for "Affine".
Now I should like have more about transition Composite and also Region.
I can't find how to use this powerful transitions.
For example if you know how to do for realize this video ? :
Thank you very much for work.
If you could give me just some informations about "Composite and Region" I was very happy and perhaps I can help you to writing an article in French of course.
PS : I am sorry about my poor English.

Hello Jean-Pierre,

I've just write a few words on Composite here : http://fr.wikibooks.org/wiki/Kdenlive/Composite.

I'll try to write a documentation on Region when I'll have more time.


Hello Phil,
OK and thank you for your work.
By the way I found the effect "rotoscoping" so I test it and its OK.