Echoing, repetitive noise in spaces.


I've been using kdnelive for a project for some time, but recently, I've been facing a problem with it's audio rendering.

In the output video if there's a space between 2 audio clips (named x and y, x placed before y in the timeline), then in the rended file, the empty space, instead of being silent repeats the last few milliseconds of the clip x all along the white space. This 'noise' is gone once clip y starts.

Using kdenlive 9.2 with mlt 0.7.8; I also tried 0.8.2 with no difference.

Rendered video --

Here, tracks x and y are 10k sounds. There should be a gap in between, but there's no gap in reality, there's 'repetitive noise' instead.

Unfortunately, it appears imageshack reduced resolution of the sound.