The Ecstasy and The Agony of Planet X

Hi everyone,

I've been using kdenlive for ~1 year now for some various silly side projects. On a whim we added our film to a science films group on Vimeo, and it was chosen to be shown in New York next month at the Imagine Science Films Festival! It was put together 100% in kdenlive, which is great because we do not have any sort of budget and can not pay for video editing software.

If anyone is in New York on October 22, head over to

and reserve a seat at the CUNY Graduate Center! We can't be there ourselves, sadly. Enjoy!

Ryan Hamilton
Graduate Student
Department of Astronomy
New Mexico State University

How did you make the smooth image pan and zooms?

I forget where I first heard about it, but I used stills2dv to generate them since I could never get a smooth result using the built-in effect at the time.

EDIT: Ok, so it wasn't 100% put together with kdenlive...but pretty close! :)