Edit multiple clips / Stretch / PIP for clips / statusbar

I have some feature request for future kdenlive versions:

1. edit multiple clips at once:
Would be very hand to edit e.g. the duration on multiple clips at once. It is already possible to select multiple clips in the project list and click edit but the duration value is only applied to the first clip and not the to other.

2. stretch clips in timeline:
If I use the region select in the timeline I would like to have the possibility to stretch (the duration) the selected clips.

3. PIP for clips:
the PIP effect is nice to move the clips. But it is only used for transitions. I would like to move more than one clip at once, stacked over each other in the timeline. (e.g. like premiere:

http://images.pcworld.com/reviews/graph ... iere2b.gif


4. position of the info in the status bar:
Inside the status bar is next to the [FX] [Transition]... button the information of the action where the mouse cursor is over. Would be better to put that on the right side of the icons! At the moment the icons are moving all the time when the text size of the information is changing.

Hope to see another release soon. Using the SVN version at the moment and it seems to be quiet stable and the new icons look very good!

It is at least possible to add a project as a clip, so with additional work it's possible to add an effect to a group of clips, that's cleaner anyway than applying the duration effect to all clips with the same parameters, i guess.

To make it more comfortable there should be things possible like:
Let kdenlive understand a numbers of clips as group/selection without re-importing them as a project (to the group you can add effects) (that way you also have the comfort of intersecting groups and the comfort of editing clips inside the group (you still see the structure in the editor))
Make it possible to add the same effect several times to the same clip (Not directly related, but it has to do with the same problem and it sounds useful to me)

I'm new to kdenlive, so maybe i overlooked something.