Editing footage from a Kodak ZI6

I've been looking to get either a Kodak ZI6, or a Flip Mino. I shot some test footage from the ZI6 (recorded on an sd card) and ran it through Kdenlive. The results, a still image with normal sound. It's the same with standard def and high def. Vlc media player and totem movie player also had problems playing my test shots. I couldn't test the Mino because it doesn't have a card slot to test it in the store.
Has anyone had luck using any of these camcorders? Any info would be helpful.

Kdenlive uses ffmpeg to decode videos. Does ffplay works? (And, how current is your ffmpeg installation?) If not, you probably will want to bring this up with the ffmpeg folks.



madsdyd wrote:
Does ffplay works?

Just in case you're wondering how to do this, in the command line:
ffplay /path/to/your/video/file.avi

Obviously replace with the real path to your file. :)

       Well, I had some time to play with it some more. First, I tried to install version 0.7 but I made a pigs ear of it. So I installed 0.6 via sudo apt-get. I also installed dv-grab and ffmpeg, also via sudo. I'm still getting the same results.(audio playing normally, video is a black screen or a still) Is there something else I'm missing? Whats the easiest way to get the most up-to-date version of  ffmpeg? I noticed that the videos also won't play in movie player and vlc media player, but will play and can be edited in Kino. Go figure.
      I can use Kino for most of the editing I have to do, but Kdenlive seems to be developing faster. If anyone has any tips they could give me I would appreciate it. By the way, I didn't mention this before, but I'm using Ubuntu (Hardy) if that makes a diffrence.
                                                                                              Thanks for your help.